“Riding to enhance Life and learning”
the PineRidge Experience


Why is PREP uniquely equipped to give maximum benefit for your child’s equine experience?

  • the riding school director has a teaching background and combined with extensive reading and research will formulate an individualized learning package for the student
  • our coaches are experienced not only in horsemanship but also in dealing with and enhancing the learning style of your child.
  • the coach will use a an approach that blends the personality of the horse with the confidence level of the student
  • the lessons are private and personalized to suit the unique challenges of the student
  • the horses in the PineRidge riding school all have had a competitive career making them well rounded and very quiet. They are not trail horses. With their individual personalities and talents, they augment the learning experience.
  • The arena is large, warm* and brightly lit making the environment safe and comfortable. The arena can be blocked off to make a smaller area for the needs of the client. Sometimes there are other riders in the arena, so there is the challenge of accepting a shifting landscape. Horses are often more comfortable with another horse within sight but not so close as to interfere. The client learns to concentrate and focus on his/her mount.

    * the term “warm” is relative. The arena is heated during the winter months but the temperature is maintained for the comfort of the horse and rider who are expending more energy than the waiting parent. There is a lounge with coffee and sofas for the comfort of parents and families.

  • As PineRidge is a family friendly place, there are policies in place regarding the care and well being of children and animals.
  • Note: we are not a trail riding program

In our lessons program we teach from the ground up and from the inside out. This means that your attitude and frame of mind will influence how your horse performs. Also, how you handle the horse on the ground in the stall and tack up area will determine his respect and trust in you. We offer lessons to children 9-16 who are beginners and to those who are ready to step it up a notch. Of course if you are an adult and have your own horse and wish to board at PineRidge, we have a number of coaches who are very experienced and can take you to competitions or improve your dressage or jump ability. We also have a western dressage coach.

Lessons are available in basic equitation, jump and dressage. Private lessons for kids starting age 9.

New sessions start each month. We will match you with a coach and a lesson horse. Call 222-2526 or email iloewen@mymts.net.


"Although from a different technical background, Gerry is able to draw on his western resources to creatively solve horse training issues- including dressage training issues. He addresses the conditioning, flexibility and relaxation required for the freedom of movement necessary in any discipline. Most importantly, Gerry recognizes that each equine athlete has a unique temperament and works within this framework to develop their skills and confidence."


"Gerry has excellent knowledge of the horse's physical and psychological needs.

His common sense approach to training and his understanding of the horse's mind and physical development allowed my horse and I to achieve the rhythmic and balanced unity that we had been searching for. Gerry helped me with the development of my hands and seat so I encouraged my horse's engagement from back to front. "


Equine Fitness

It's all about fitness and flexibility How to keep your horse from getting sore and improving his performance. Talk to Gerry (981-5242) about a fitness/flexibility program for you and your horse.