About Us

Pineridge Equine Park is a place for all people who love horses just for their own riding enjoyment or for the competitive rider in any number of disciplines including reining, dressage and jumping. Gerry and Irene Loewen the owners of the stable/arena welcome you to come and enjoy the ride- at Pineridge.

Horses and the country life was always a passion for both Gerry and Irene.It was a long and interesting journey from trail riding in the mountains in their youth to this beautiful riding and show facility here in Manitoba. In 1980 they moved from their farm in Alberta to an acreage NE of Winnipeg near Bird's Hill Park. As they bred their quarter horse mares to top reining stallions, the idea of a premier event center for riding and showing began to take shape.

In 2002 they purchased a bare quarter section of pasture land on Oakwood Road. 5 years of preparation, planning and research behind them, the construction of the steel frame building began. Very soon the boarding barn and arena were busy with lessons, training and good camaraderie. It is still a multi-discipline barn with both western reiners, barrel racers, dressage riders and jumpers.

Having a multi discipline facility is fairly unique but it has worked out extremely well. The cross training and stimulating discussions have helped to enlarge the possibilities for all riders. It is a place for the beginner rider as well as the amateur adults, the trainers and coaches.

Come and visit any day and have a coffee with Gerry to see what this facility can do for you and your horse. Gerry's experience with horse behavior and the vet/farrier professionals make this a excellent place to have the support that you need.

If you don't have a horse, yet, but would love to re-kindle that interest, come and see Gerry for lessons, leasing and/or searching for the right match for you.